Rules for Being in the Library

General Conduct Policy

The Southern Oklahoma Library System (SOLS) strives to make sure the libraries within the system are welcoming, pleasant places for people to read, study and relax. Patrons who limit other customers’ access to library services by acting in inappropriate ways are subject to loss of library privileges.

In order to achieve a positive and productive library experience for all library patrons, SOLS staff will enforce the following rules for patron conduct.

General Library Conduct

Inappropriate library behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Engaging in any activity prohibited by law
  • Defacing, destroying or abusing library property or equipment. This includes outdoor property, library materials, furniture and equipment
  • Conduct that presents a threat of physical harm to customers and/or staff
  • Verbal abuse to library staff or fellow patrons
  • Behaving in a loud, disorderly or disruptive manner
  • Offensive language or actions
  • Loitering or Soliciting funds on library property
  • Disruptive use of any personal listening device such as an iPod or other music players
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Failure to maintain personal hygiene to the point that it is intolerable for other patrons and staff
  • Eating or drinking in public areas of the library, other than meeting rooms
  • Using tobacco, Electronic Vapor and/or E-cigarettes
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages on library property
  • Using cell phones in computer and/or quiet areas of library
  • Removing library materials that have not been properly checked out to customer
  • Running or roughhousing inside the library building
  • Utilizing staff time to the extent that staff members are unable to provide services to other patrons
  • Carrying weapons onto library property
  • Going into library office, work area or other restricted areas without permission

Computer Conduct Policy

  • Only one person is allowed at a computer unless they are an adult supervising a minor child or a person assisting another using the computer
  • Computer users are expected to comply with all computer and internet policies

Children and Parent / Guardian Conduct Policy

  • Access to the children’s area is only permitted to children, adults accompanied by children or patrons using material that is unavailable in another location in the library
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Parents / Guardians are responsible for the behavior of their child while they are on library property, inside and outside
  • Parents are required to correct inappropriate library behavior exhibited by their child
  • Library staff will not assume responsibility for any child left unattended on library premises
  • If a child is left unattended in the library after the library closes, an attempt will be made to contact the parent / guardian
  • If the parent / guardian has not been located within fifteen minutes, the local police will be contacted (See Policy for the Safety of Children in the Library)
  • Under no circumstances will library staff transport a child to another location except for participation in a library function or event
  • Older children visiting the library without a parent may be asked to leave the library if they misbehave

Sanctions for Violation May Include

  • Staff asking the patron to correct his or her behavior
  • Patron may be asked to leave the library for the remainder of the day, week or month
  • Permanent restriction of library privileges authorized by the Executive Director
  • Possible criminal prosecution if the conduct violates city, state or federal law

Adopted and approved by the Board 11/10/14