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Extreme Animals

About Extreme Animals

Come meet the most incredibly diverse group of fascinating and unique animals at the Southern Oklahoma Library System (SOLS)! Extreme Animals is back again to showcase their beloved animals at the SOLS branches for our Summer Reading Program (SRP). Come meet, touch, and learn all about the amazing animals that Extreme Animals have to offer.


Who’s behind the Extreme Animals? Melissa Meadows and her daughter Shana Miller are the driving force behind this operation. Melissa has been handling exotic animals her whole life. Having a father as a Game Warden, Melissa was introduced at a young age to all manner of native wildlife. With her daughter Shana Miller at her side, having been raised literally alongside lions, tigers, and bears, it was never even a question that people would love the chance to interact and learn all about the amazing animals we share a planet with. For more information, visit the Extreme Animals website at