More Than Your Average Book Club

Let’s Talk about it Oklahoma

What is LTAIO?

Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma (LTAIO) offers more than your average book club for adults. With the added benefit of a humanities scholar to inform and broaden discussions, participants are able to explore the human experience through literature in meaningful and thought-provoking ways.

A series consists of 4-5 sessions, each featuring a book from the chosen discussion theme. A humanities scholar opens each session explains the author’s life, providing historical context to the book, sharing its contemporary relevance, and explaining how the book ties into the overarching theme. Participants then discuss their own thoughts about the book.

LTAI CPL Spring 2023 Flyer updated

Chamion Library

Theme: A More Perfect Union. Native American Identity from Past to Present

Ardmore Dates and Times

Thursdays at 5:30

Feb 16, March 2, March 9, March 30

Picnic table with butcher paper background. Different condements and food decorate the edges. Two napkins, white and green, with logos and info at the bottom. At the top, five different book covers that go with the theme "Much Depens On Dinner". Let's Talk About It Book Discussion Series at Johnston County Library.

Johnston County Library

Theme: Much Depends on Dinner

Tishomingo Dates and Times

Thursdays at 6:30

Jan 12, Feb 16, March 9, April 13, May 11