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Fund the Library's Future

The Southern Oklahoma Library System is an important part of every community we serve. It is a place that literally touches the lives of the youngest and oldest members of each community bringing them together through books, technology, programs, and community activities.

It is a place to relax with a good book, discover your genealogy, experience new technology, research, play games, craft, find the perfect eBook for a long trip, and so much more. Through all of these activities the library literally makes a difference in the lives of everyone touched by these comprehensive services. In essence, the library is leaving a legacy by providing patrons with personal, professional, and academic growth, impacting community life across southern Oklahoma.

If you have participated in some of the educational, cultural, or community programs offered by the Southern Oklahoma Library System and have been inspired, impacted, entertained, or changed, we hope you will consider helping to continue our legacy by making a donation to the system. In doing so, you will be leaving your own personal legacy of commitment to keep our libraries vibrant and a true community asset.

Funds donated to SOLS by individuals and corporate donors are combined with grants and other funding to provide for programs and services that enhance literacy and expand the technology and opportunities we offer our patrons.

Friends of the Library

Each of our libraries came into being because a caring group of people, “friends,” believed that libraries are important to communities. Through an organized effort and a vision for the future, the Friends groups of the Southern Oklahoma Library System spearheaded the funding or building of each of our library locations.

Whether through the donation of land, books, funds, or volunteer time, our libraries exist today because of our Friends groups.

How to Become a Friend

If you have questions, or would like more information about becoming a Friend of the Southern Oklahoma Library System, please contact the branch manager of your community branch.